Meet Porshia!

Porshia - Close Up (002)
Meet Porshia Paris, certified Therapy Dog through Therapy Dog International (TDI.)
Porshia and her “pawrent” Jane Ann Zeigler-Wentz visit Good Grief twice a month to spend time with our kids and teens.
After extensive training, this amazing duo has spent many hours visiting hospitals, hospices and funeral homes, imparting their special gifts and charms.
One of the most amazing things about Porshia is that she just "knows" who needs to spend time with her, and that's where she heads.
Her calming presence helps lessen the kids' feelings of anxiety and isolation. Plus she's so cute! It's impossible not to fall in love!
Porshia is an Australian Labradoodle so she doesn't shed and is non-allergic.

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