Registration and orientation are required for participation. During orientation, families complete a small amount of paperwork and learn more about Good Grief's peer support services.  Good Grief staff will show you the program space and answer any questions.

For further information please call 419-360-4939 or complete the form below.


Our group sessions meet Tuesday evenings from 6:00-7:45 p.m.  Each program night begins with a shared meal.


Programming is in our Holland, OH office - 7017 Spring Meadows Drive West, Suite 201.


Groups are open-ended, which means families begin and finish participating based on their own needs and time-frame. There is never a cost to attend and dinner is free to involved families.

One of the most important things about peer support groups is that it gives children, teens, and adults space and time to connect with others of their own age who are grieving the loss of someone important in their lives - who are going through the same experiences and share many of the same feelings.

Our groups begin with circle time, where each group member has the opportunity to introduce themselves and speak about the person who died. Each group then does an age appropriate grief-related activity designed to assist in the development of coping strategies and the expression of thoughts and feelings surrounding the loss. A portion of every group is dedicated to playing. Many different activities are offered for self-expression (sand trays and other tactile materials, puppets, art materials, games, toys and other fun activities). Groups end with a closing circle where members may talk about their evening or what they look forward to over the next week.

Teen groups are similar to children's groups however they will often forego playtime for simply hanging out and talking to each other. Journals are offered to every teen.

Children come to Good Grief because someone died. They stay because groups are fun and the connection they establish with others helps them feel less isolated and better understood and a little more in control of their lives.

For more information, or to register for sessions: